WorkForce Consulting Services

At GT-Technologies, we are proud to be a trusted strategic advisor to our clients offering our suite of workforce consulting services

Diversity and Inclusion Solutions

To us, diversity is inclusion, acceptance, honoring differences, and respect. As a certified LGBT diverse company, we make a sincere effort to include as many candidates from diverse communities as possible. We cast a broad net when sourcing for talent by going beyond standard job portals. We utilize on-line social networks supporting diverse communities, partner with local and national diversity organizations, and we utilize targeted diversity websites to help attract a unique talent pool.

Talent Advisory Services

Our consultants have worked across all facets of contingent workforce management and permanent hiring strategies for some of the largest companies in the world. Our suite of talent services include talent acquisition advisory, talent technology consulting and contingent workforce optimization.

International Visa Sponsorship

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to succeed, but often need support in order to fulfill their goals. Through the years we've continuously removing legal barriers to help international candidates secure positions they're qualified for. Our team of immigration experts will guide international candidates through the H-1B visa or visa transfers they need, and we help them apply for their green cards with minimal delays. We strive to connect these candidates with meaningful, long-term employment, and help our clients quickly find scarce, in-demand talent.

Payroll and IC Compliance

Whether you've sourced the talent or a third-party did we'll help simplify your contingent labor onboarding process with our compliance forward, people first approach. Our hands-on approach to payroll & IC services ensures that we take care of all the subtleties of worker classification, documentation and onboarding so that our clients can focus on their core business. Partnering with GT-Technologies Group allows companies to take advantage of the NGLCC (LGBT) certifications our company holds, which gives our clients the ability to classify spend for all payroll & IC workers as diversity spend.